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Bella Colori allows the artist to be more creative because of the effiency in space and design. Helping the colorist to apply more color and stay on time.


We have to Experience the past before we can move into the future.

Many of the tools we use have not changed in over 100 years!

After listening to hair colorists and their complaints about highlighting and hair coloring. I set out on a mission to create a new Environmentally conscious tooling system that will prove to be more efficient.

“The concept began with the thought of an artist’s palette… Keeping your colors close at hand, Expanding your range of coloring.

Taking Designers to a New Level of Professionalism.”

The system would have to include the right materials to be faster and more accurate in color application, allowing for the creative artist to go beyond the realm they now know!

Thus the Beginning of Bella Colori

This organized tooling system speeds up the highlighting application process up to 50% with our foil passing spring arm.

Our color-coded brush system always lets you know what color you are using and where you are applying it, Allowing you time to expand your mind to think in dimensions of coloring.

Keeping your colors close at hand with up to 5 interconnecting bowls and all 5 bowls can be carried at once in one hand. Bella Colori is designed in angulation to create a half arch and every bowl can be the anchor locking into the base with all the bowls stackable for easy storage.

Bella Colori allows the artist to be more creative because of the efficiency in space and design, It creates the freedom to apply more color and stay on time!

Our Environmental contribution: is the use of disposable, Recyclable bowl liners.

Allowing our industry to help in the preservation of millions of gallons of water that would otherwise be polluted Everyday!

This system was designed for the Progressive future of Hair Coloring!